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Our History

In 1947 Mr P. Verboon Sr. took over the Potato and Forage business from his father-in-law Jacob van Geest and was therefore founder of the Forage and Trading company P. Verboon, which was later renamed to Transportbedrijf P. Verboon De Lier B.V. as we know it today. In those days, the company's main business was in hay, straw, fodder and potatoes as well as transport for various cattle feed dealers in the region. In the period from 1962 to 1972 sons Piet, John and Kees joined the company and transport orders for third parties began to take on a more and more important role. Up to 1982 all sorts of agricultural products were transported in tipper trailers and cargo was delivered to destinations throughout the Benelux. In 1982, at the same time as the first hopper bottom trailer was added to the fleet, the large potato sorting companies and potato processing factories also became clients. The company grew quickly, both the fleet and client base expanded and even more distant destinations were reached. Now it is the turn of the third generation Verboon and is the Executive Board formed by Hans and Pieter Verboon. Despite the many expansions, the company continued to maintain close relationships with its clients, the company's primary objective.