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Transportbedrijf P. Verboon De Lier B.V. is an international transport company that specialises in transporting seed potatoes, organic potatoes, vegetables grown in the open and many other agricultural products. We transport all these products daily to destinations throughout Europe. Our fleet consists of more than 25 trucks and a wide variety of trailers. So we can load and unload each type of product in the correct manner. For example, in our hopper bottom trailers with compartments we can transport different varieties of potatoes in different grades in one trailer. Our many years of experience and specialisation means we can think along with our customers and advise the most appropriate transport. Together with our professional drivers we make sure your orders are fulfilled correctly, so that we, as transport company, can realise our primary objective, which is to build up a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Transportbedrijf P. Verboon De Lier B.V. is ISO 22000 and GMP certified and we manage our own NAO certified trailer washing facility. This means we are able to clean and disinfect the loading spaces prior to loading up with seed potatoes or organic products.