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International transport company

Transport company P. Verboon De Lier B.V. is an international transport company specialized in the transport of potatoes, seed potatoes, organic vegetables, field vegetables and all other common agricultural products, both bulk and packed/per pallet.

We transport all these products daily to destinations in Europe. This transport is carried out with different types of our own trailers. This makes it possible to properly load and unload each product. For example, we can transport potatoes of different varieties and sizes in one trailer with our compartmentalized underfloor trailers.

Many years of experience

Because of our specialism and years of experience, we are able to think along with the customer and give advice. Together with our skilled drivers, we can ensure a correct execution of the orders, which enables us as a company to achieve our objective of building a lasting relationship with the clients.

Transportbedrijf P. Verboon De Lier B.V. is ISO 22000- and GMP-certified and has a NAO-certified wash bay under our own management. This enables us to clean and disinfect the loading areas before the start of each transport of seed potatoes and organic products.

Do you want to work at Verboon Transport?

We are looking for enthusiastic team members! Do you want to hit the road and be part of our team? View the vacancies or write an open application.

(Inter)national transport

With the establishment of P. Verboon Transport, only the transport of agricultural products within the Netherlands took place. The national transport is still an important part of our work. Full and partial loads of agricultural products are shipped in bulk and transported within the Netherlands. In order to be able to work more efficiently, we have drivers in all parts of the country so that they can quickly reach customers via a short approach route. There is no longer a village in the Netherlands where our drivers do not know the way, from yard to factory and at the agreed time.

Nowadays we transport all sorts of agricultural products to France, Switzerland, England, Germany and all Scandinavian countries. Thanks to our modern tractors and trailers and the constant connection by means of GPS and on-board computers between the drivers and our office, we can also guarantee a correct delivery time for international transports. For all our transports applies: appointment is appointment and time is time. That used to be our slogan and it will be that in the future.