Our vehicle fleet

Transport company P. Verboon De Lier B.V. has an extremely modern fleet including sliding tarpaulin trailers, walking floors, semi-trailers, refrigerated trailers and compartment semi-trailers. The maintenance of these vehicles is carried out with the utmost care so that downtime is kept to a minimum. Because all our vehicles are equipped with board computers and navigation, we are able to maintain constant contact with our drivers. In this way we can react adequately to every traffic situation on the road and therefore optimally ensure a good delivery of your goods at the agreed time.

Belt trailers

As part of our HACCP certification, all our belt trailers are fitted with sturdy decelerators and aluminium tunnels. The belt trailers with compartments are fitted with two or three compartments, and in addition each compartment has its own decelerator to prevent bruising. The compartments can be closed separately and each can be sealed. This means that we can transport a cargo of different varieties, classes and grades in one trailer to any destination abroad.

Curtain-sided trailers

We transport all manner of agricultural produce in sacks on pallets or in boxes in our curtain-sided trailers. We can also take care of the transport of complete ship loads to destinations in the Netherlands or further afield.

Refrigerated trailers

Our refrigerated trailers offer the opportunity to both sides to open fully. As a result, we are able to transport boxes full in winter frost free.


With a walking floor, products can be transported both in bulk and on pallets. Our walking floor trailers are coated on the inside. For the transport of organic products, the cargo space is cleaned before loading. Verboon Transport has NAO-certified washing area in own management.

Work with Verboon Transport

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